• Sophie Carmichael

Buyer and Client Manager

Armed with exceptional customer communication and prospect engagement, Sophie’s confidence and expert knowledge guarantees Real Outcomes for your property.

Sophie is a highly polished, friendly-faced professional with a very determined attitude toward success. An early interest in attending auctions and listing appointments with family members sparked a desire to commence a fruitful career.

Operating with detail at the forefront and a lover of goal setting, Sophie is equipped with the winning skill set to excel as a Buyer and Client Manager. Ambitious and diligent, Sophie looks forward to working with you to secure your next home or investment opportunity.

Sophie's contact details

  • Residential Sales at MRE

“MRE is by the far the best real estate I’ve been with. Shout out to Tilly, Sophie and Alex who have been nothing short of amazing with my 2 years renting with them. The communication and speed to rectify any issues I had with the property is nothing like I’ve experienced in the past with other real estates, and I really hope that the next property I rent will be back with them!”

Sarah Thomson

“My experience with MRE is always very positive. Sophie provided detailed explanation of the requirements in email then called to discuss, answered all my questions. She's knowledgeable, experienced and great to work with. thank you Sophie.”

Lisa Xu