Founded in 1992, MRE is the realisation of a dream to create a boutique real estate agency centred on delivering six-star service and fostering a culture of success. We proudly remain the kind of business that always puts our clients first.

Over the last thirty years, MRE has evolved into a full-service project marketing, residential sales, and portfolio management firm, renowned for our dedicated team, unparalleled market expertise, and steadfast commitment to achieving outstanding outcomes.

Join Pete Hooymans, Ann Rogers, Steve Fitzsimon and Georgina Mellick as they discuss the beginnings of MRE.

Passionate about both living and working in Melbourne, we have witnessed our great city undergo remarkable transformation and have played a crucial role in its significant urban growth.

As Melbourne accelerates towards 8 million people by 2050. Our next thirty years will be as bold, innovative, and prolific as our last.