• Sean Masters

Team Leader, Property Services

Sean is a proud professional, who works to an exceptional standard to achieve real results for you.

Commencing a journey in real estate by constructing the interiors of residential and commercial homes, Sean marries a passion for construction with an intense work ethic, bringing a refined knowledge of the industry to Portfolio Management.

Passionate and humble, operating with stellar problem-solving and risk analysis at the forefront, Sean is thrilled to create honest and meaningful connections with you. A depth of experience is perfectly paired with a down-to-earth communication style, Sean is often complimented for authentic and caring mannerisms, all while successfully attaining world-class results.

Sean's contact details

“Excellent experience with MRE... I have also worked really well with Sean who is fast and efficient in progressing and successfully finalizing complex tasks. Thanks heaps Sean. Thank you both guys and the MRE.”

Ivan Veljkovic

“We rented our house from MRE with the help of Annie as well as Sean! We are so thankful to Annie, Sean and MRE. Our experience was unbelievably good with MRE! Thank you for everything!”

Barış Ünal

“Just want to say big thank you to Rah and Sean for helping me find a property in a very short amount of time. All dealings with these boys from MRE have been smooth and could not have asked for better help.”

Ak Moleshi