• Riley-Jane Dickie

Portfolio Manager

Riley-Jane Dickie
Effervescent and highly captivating, Riley-Jane’s zest for life has defined her remarkable professional journey.

Beginning as a trained ballerina in her teenage years, Riley-Jane gracefully pirouetted across global stages, transforming childhood dreams into reality as a distinguished member of The Australian Ballet among other impressive globally-recognised ballet companies.

Driven by a desire to channel her poise, impeccable customer service, and worldly skills, Riley-Jane seamlessly transitioned from the enchanting world of ballet to the dynamic realm of real estate. Embracing her role as a Property Manager at MRE, she exudes an assured and confident spirit, complemented by an eloquent phone manner and comprehensive industry knowledge.

Thriving in the ever-changing landscape of property management, Riley-Jane relishes the novelty each day brings. Her keen eye for detail and unwavering commitment to excellent customer service distinguish her in the competitive real estate arena. Riley-Jane continues to infuse every challenge with her vibrant energy and disciplined work ethic, leaving an enduring mark as an exceptional MRE Property Manager.

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