• Pete Hooymans


As MRE’s founder, Pete is our six-star leader with all the big ideas.

A visionary with distinct goals about how we can achieve real service and deliver outstanding results, Pete has always been committed to prizewinning quality.

Having started a career at eighteen, it’s no surprise that an undying energy and enthusiasm for both property and MRE remain at the forefront of Pete’s operations. A fervent storyteller with a beautiful communication style, Pete has an exceptional eye for detail.

Honing impressive marketing nous by selling some of Melbourne’s landmark projects, Pete has an outstanding track record of implementing impactful and ground-breaking ideas that are strikingly innovative to continue to stand out in a crowded marketplace. A true champion of never settling for the standard, Pete’s passion remains in delivering a special, hands-on approach which coupled with invaluable strategic thinking ensures that MRE and our clients are excelling.

All while accomplishing brilliance, Pete always has time for the small things. It’s that exact approach that is the foundation of our profound, people-first culture where although our clients always come first, we always have time for each other.

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