• Nadine Jalloul

Portfolio Manager

Nadine is a seasoned property professional, boasting an impressive nine-year track record in portfolio management.

Nadine’s property journey began in an off-the-plan development role, swiftly mastering nuances and progressing to oversee client investments. Beyond Nadine’s extensive experience, Nadine’s character is a distinctive asset, coupled with a genuine passion for cultivating relationships, acknowledging the paramount importance of meaningful connections in our bustling industry. A creative soul, Nadine channels her passion for photography and marketing, infusing her charisma with a creative flair.

Renowned for operational efficiency, Nadine navigates tasks with precision, consistently delivering timely and top-notch results. A commitment to understanding legislation also underscores dedication to achieving superior outcomes. In the dynamic landscape of portfolio management, Nadine stands out as a committed professional, poised to make a lasting impact on you and your investment.

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