• Jamie Shi

Portfolio Manager

Passionate about providing the exceptional level of problem-solving begged by Portfolio Management, Jamie is a hard-working, trusted professional who operates to an elevated standard to ensure your investment is in safe hands.

Endorsed by two Master’s Degrees, spanning Social Work and Wine Business, Jamie’s experience in primary education and aged care commenced a fruitful professional journey, pushing customer service and effective communication skills to the forefront. A voyage into Real Estate allowed Jamie the opportunity to learn the ropes of the industry, scaling up from property administration to now taking charge of a bustling portfolio.

Multi-talented and multi-lingual, Jamie brings a patient approach to Real Service and is proud to be building long-lasting relationships with you.

Jamie's contact details

“Just wanted to write down and express my sincere gratitude for Jamie S’s exceptional patience and willingness to address all my inquiries about my property. It was so touched Jamie clearly answered my continuous inquiries because the difference in interstate laws and regulations, which was quite helpful! And our conversation were quite happy! I will definitely point he as my property manager one day and recommend him to my friends in Melbourne. Thank you, Jamie, for making this experience so informative and enjoyable. I look forward to meeting you if possible and the possibility of working with you in the future.”


“Jamie has go the extra mile for helping us in getting good quality tenants and cleaning up the apartment. Giving good advise and lots of relevant information like customer attitude and quaiity etc. We really appreciate such extensive services as we learnt from past experience if we have bad tenants will give us nightmares. We look forward to MRE and Jamie support in long run and create a win-win for all of us. Thanks”