The Age of the Local Hero Agent is Over


At MRE, we are flipping the script on the old-school belief that the best real estate insights and services come from next door. Why?

Because we are on the brink of a game-changing revolution, and the results are in – what you thought added value might be holding you back. The long-upheld belief that an agent’s real superior power comes from being just around the corner is about to be challenged, unlocking a goldmine of fresh and compelling questions, and here is why you need to listen.


Market knowledge is not geographically bound

The first assumption that needs challenging is the idea that a local agent inherently knows the market better. As the digital world continues to advance the geographical boundaries have blurred. Agents now have access to detailed reports on every property leased within an area displaying prices, marketing images, and days on the market. This technology has leveled the playing field, allowing those digitally savvy agents from outside the local area to offer insights and expertise that can rival if not surpass those of a local agent.


Convenience in property inspections

Another point of contention is the convenience of property inspections. The reality is that the methods of conducting inspections have evolved. At MRE, we’ve adopted a flexible booking system where prospective tenants can book their inspection times online like other service providers. This approach, coupled with our willingness to meet tenants at their preferred times, ensures that convenience is maximised for all parties involved and therefore challenges the notion that local agents offer better accessibility.


The non-issue of proximity

Another concern that we deem irrelevant is the agent’s distance from a property. The nature of interactions between owners, tenants, and property managers has changed dramatically over the years, with most transactions and communications happening online and therefore making the physical location of an agency’s office have little to no impact on the quality of service provided.

The power of online listings
Leasing strategy over local dominance

An agent’s success in leasing does not solely depend on their local presence, but rather on the effectiveness of the leasing strategy in place. MRE’s experience in some of Melbourne’s busiest markets has allowed our agency to hone a leasing strategy that consistently outperforms local agents, even in highly competitive environments.


The overrated local tenant database

The supposed advantage of having a local tenant database is another point that MRE has proved is overestimated. While having a local tenant database may seem beneficial, the reality is most tenants find rental properties on online platforms such as The factors that our on-the-ground Liveability Agents have identified that influence their decisions are the visual appeal of the property, the information provided on the online advertising, and the availability of convenient inspection times. At MRE while we maintain active engagement with our database, this accounts for a small fraction of our enquiries which emphasises the limited impact of this perceived advantage.


The sales to property management transition

The decision to stick with the agent who sold a property for its management of the property is often based on sentiment rather than a strategic advantage. The distinction between a sales-focused agency and one dedicated to property management is crucial. Agencies that prioritise property management invest significantly in the training, resources, and support of their property management team ensuring a higher level of service and expertise than those agencies with a strong sales focus.

MRE invests in property managers

In the fast-evolving world of real estate, relying on local agents based on their proximity to your investment is an approach grounded in outdated assumptions. It overlooks the seismic shifts in technology and consumer behaviour that have transformed the landscape of property management. At MRE, we continue to be at the forefront of this revolution, embodying a modern, flexible, and strategic approach that transcends geographical boundaries to deliver unparalleled results. Our philosophy is simple and yet profound: true excellence in property management is defined by expertise, efficiency, and adaptability. It’s about leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovative strategies to maximise your investment’s potential, not just being physically close to it. Our team of seasoned professionals are dedicated to challenging the status quo, demonstrating that with the right approach, superior outcomes are not just possible — they’re expected.


Are you wondering if your current local agent is truly maximising the value of your investment? It’s time to experience the MRE difference.

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