Melbourne’s 2024 Real Estate Rollercoaster


MRE’s Market Predictions
In 2024, Melbourne’s real estate scene is a thrilling rollercoaster of changes and challenges.

Who better to guide you through this than our very own Steve Fitzsimon, MRE’s guru of Business Growth? Get ready for a gripping ride through government twists, interest rate turns, and investor loop-the-loops!


The Leasing Labyrinth – Renters, Gear Up For a Rocky 2024

The leasing landscape in Melbourne is on the brink of a major upheaval. Get ready for a wild ride, renters — you’re facing a perfect storm of surging rental prices and a scarcity of available properties like never before! Why is this happening? Land taxes are soaring, especially hitting offshore investors hard, sparking a massive shift towards owner-occupied properties. This is intensifying Melbourne’s housing crisis to critical levels, as the gap between supply and demand widens alarmingly. And there’s more — the demand for furnished properties is hitting a record high, unseen in the last 15 years. Plus, the luxury ‘build-to-rent’ sector is booming, but it’s mostly a playground for the affluent. Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy year in the leasing world!

The gap between supply and demand widens
Sales Outlook – A Silver Lining In Economic Clouds

The sales market is in the midst of a dramatic transformation, thanks to the relentless rise in interest rates and shifting land tax laws, but there’s a glimmer of hope! Government schemes are stepping in to rescue first-home buyers. MRE’s top-notch experts predict a flood of first-home buyers hitting the market in 2024, eyeing properties under $600k. However, the luxury property market is set to face a unique set of challenges under these economic pressures. Here’s a juicy insider scoop — our sales team has witnessed an unexpected surge in buyer interest, a trend that’s showing no signs of slowing down as we march into the new year.


The Great Melbourne Property Puzzle Of 2024

Navigating Melbourne’s 2024 property market is like solving a complex puzzle. For first-home buyers, it’s a landscape ripe with opportunities. But the rental market? It’s tightening its grip, challenging both affordability and availability. The elite end of the leasing and sales markets is predicted to flourish, but it’s mostly the deep-pocketed who will reap the benefits. In a market dancing to the tune of diverse economic forces, savvy investors and homeowners need to step carefully. MRE, with over 30 years of mastery in every aspect of real estate, stands ready to guide you through the intricate maze of Melbourne’s 2024 property market. Get ready for a year of unprecedented real estate adventures!

an unexpected surge in buyer interest with no signs of slowing

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