• Trent Hill

Liveability Agent

Professionalism and curiosity with the allure of a competitive edge are the hallmarks of Trent’s operations. Accustomed to delivering earth-shattering customer service which in combination with an inquisitive mindset set the standard for Trent’s career of excellence.

A versed understanding of the market, alongside an exceptional desire to assist you in finding your next home, is only a compliment to Trent’s enthusiastic outlook on life. Appreciating MRE’s stellar growth pathways, Trent’s drive is the perfect match for our powerhouse team.

Trent is a highly organised operator who can confidently deliver Real Results for you, an active listener who is looking forward to the support and guidance that only this industry-recognised group of professionals can provide.

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  • Liveability at MRE

“I had such a great experience with Trent Hill. My partner and I inspected for a place and Trent was professional, friendly, and the service he provided us was honestly the best service I have ever had. He was thorough with the description with the place, alongside with his punctuality to the inspection. He also had incredible etiquette. For what Trent delivered, I will definitely pursue MRE.”

Claire Tam

“Trent showed me around a house. Was very accommodating and gave me a much time as I needed. MRE should be very proud of the way he represented them.”

Kirk Kee

“Have had Trent show me around quite a few apartments now. As stressful as it can be trying to find accommodation, Trent has honestly made it stress free when ever viewing an apartment with him. Always extremely welcoming on arrival and up for a laugh. Always willing to go above and beyond to help. I genuinely cant speak highly enough of his people skills and and work ethic.”

Seamus O Brien

“Trent has been very good and has made it personal that we can communicate over the phone on apartments that become available and said he would assist us as much as possible on finding a place. I would definitely in the future just deal with the guys at MRE as they have been so helpful.”

Clare Davis