• RaynaHao

Team Leader, Property Services

Armed with a diligent work ethic and a passion for delivering outstanding results, Rayna is a reliable professional who always has you and your investment top of mind.

Equipped with a varied resume that has seen Rayna embed practical skills from a commerce undergraduate degree in combination with a Master of Accounting, it’s the extensive problem-solving required to be an effective Portfolio Manager that truly allows Rayna to thrive.

Rayna has been commended for real communication skills and the ability to provide a wonderfully accommodating yet polished approach to service. Solution-based and driven to bestow quality advice, Rayna’s continual growth in the industry is a testament to a hyper-focus on achieving excellent outcomes for you.

Rayna's contact details

“Rayna and the team at MRE have been great to deal with in the tenancy process - they were knowledgeable, helpful and efficient through the various stages of the process and we really appreciated their help and support.”

Daniel Trimarchi

“This is the best real estate agency I have ever used. All procedures are handled quickly and well. As my PM, Rayna is very dedicated and updates the situation of the apartment in real time.”

Catherine Zhao

“Thank you Rayna and her team!Prompt in terms of timing and efficient service provided throughout! Great experience with MRE. Would highly recommend.”

Ying Yang

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Rayna from MRE. Rayna was extremely helpful and answered all of my questions with great patience and detail. She went above and beyond to ensure that my needs were met and that my experience was as smooth as possible. Her responses were prompt and to the point, she helped me with turning off the main switch for electricity switch over to happen automatically. I was completely clueless on how to do this, but Rayna was able to do this for me. Highly recommend it to anyone looking to rent a property in Melbourne.”

Vitaliy Bashlykov