• Liydya Odisho

Portfolio Manager

Liydya emerges as a standout figure in the realm of property management, celebrated for her vibrant personality and welcoming demeanour.

Commencing her career as a Leasing Consultant, Liydya swiftly ascended to the role of accomplished Leasing Manager, overseeing operations in two bustling offices. Displaying remarkable adaptability, Liydya seamlessly transitioned into a Property Manager role.

With an eagerness to infuse her delightful character into building trusting relationships with clients, Liydya is fervently committed to delivering a premium service to everyone she encounters. Armed with a law degree, Liydya approaches her work with precision and meticulous attention to detail. Embracing the challenges within property management, she finds fulfillment in overcoming them with enthusiasm.

Beyond her academic and professional achievements, Liydya’s inherent people skills shine in the energetic dynamics of the property management sphere. Liydya’s genuine passion for connecting with others and her insightful grasp of the industry mark her as a standout professional, propelling her toward continued success as an MRE Property Manager.

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