• BrookeJohnson

Portfolio Manager

An extrovert at heart, good-humoured and positive, in combination with a brilliant attitude towards service, is what makes Brooke truly special.

A portfolio professional with an abundance of real experience, you’ll treasure Brooke’s expert knowledge, honesty, and efficiency.

A problem-solver with stellar time management abilities, a phone call from Brooke is always a delight, operating to ensure your investment is always achieving real results.

Approachable and outgoing, Brooke’s passion is also treasured by Team MRE, continuously offering assistance and advice confirms Brooke as a confident, go-getter.

Brooke's contact details

“Having been a tenant for several years along with multiple property managers, I've experienced various levels of customer service, some great and some not so great. With that said, I'd like to acknowledge the efforts and professionalism of Brooke at MRE South Yarra. As a property manager, Brooke has been an absolute pleasure to deal with, quick to respond and gets things done. Thank you Brooke and the team at MRE!”

Peter Canteralla

“Brooke was amazing at helping me secure my rental property. The process was so smooth and easy that I was surprised as I had completed most of it from the comfort of my computer. Overall a great experience and shout out to brook and her team for the hard work on getting the whole process completed in a matter of days.”

Ali Musawi

“Brooke Johnson is fabulous as a Portfolio Manager. Very efficient, responsive, helpful and friendly. I am so pleased to be working with her as a renter.”

Olivia Hardy

“Brooke from MRE has been brilliant. Organised, professional, personable and efficient. Dealing with Brooke has made a typically stressful process easy and pleasant. Thanks Brooke”

Jessica Bettenay

“Brooke is one of the most capable portfolio managers I've come across. She manages stressful situations that require urgency well by remaining calm and professional. She follows through with her words and gets the job done. I highly recommend MRE solely because of Brooke!”

Andrew Lam